Walmart comes up with $25 Vudu Spark streaming stick


Walmart comes up with the Vudu Spark streaming stick silently which compete to the Google’s Chromecast which is launched in July 2013. Walmart is now selling its Vudu Spark media streaming dongle through its online store and “select Walmart locations”.


The Vudu Spark, like other similar dongle from Google and Vudu Spark is a $25 Wi-Fi-equipped USB device you plug into your HDTV. Using it, you can rent, purchase, and watch any of the movies or TV shows available through the Vudu service. This may be the drawback for this streaming stick because there is only one service — and that’s Walmart’s own Vudu.

The Vudu Spark surfaced in the FCC’s online database back in November 2014.

However it doesn’t seem like there will be a big market for Vudu initially; I can’t imagine anyone would buy this over a Chromecast or one of the other do-it-all streaming sticks. But I could see Vudu customers combining one with an existing device to access Vudu content.


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