Xim Photo Sharing app updated with Chromecast Support


Xim Photo sharing app is the app gets update in which it gets the Chromecast Support. Today with support for viewing photos wirelessly on Google’s Chromecast streaming device. The instructions for setting up Chromecast streaming (demonstrated in the video above) are relatively simple: just tap the display mode icon and select your Chromecast from the list. After that, you’ll see your slideshows on your TV in real time.


Xim was created within Microsoft Research, and will allow a user to share up to 50 photos from within a phone or cloud service and tie them in together into a single shareable slideshow. Microsoft was hoping to ensure it was easier to share images with friends and family without having to hover around a single, small screen from a mobile device. For those who prefer not to share their photographs via a social media website, Xim has you covered in that aspect as well.


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