YouTube TV vs Sling TV – Which is Better?


In this write-up, we will compare two live TV streaming services, YouTube TV and Sling TV. As the name suggests live TV streaming grabs the content directly from the internet and plays on your TV. This cuts down on the need for cables. With so many options available in the market, it often gets difficult for the users to understand what streaming service they should opt for.

youtube tv vs sling tv

While YouTube TV is popular and brings its brand value to play, Sling TV is an affordable alternative for live TV streaming. We will carry out the YouTube TV vs Sling TV comparison on various factors such as pricing, availability of channels, user interface, and other technical specifications.

YouTube TV vs Sling TV: Which is Better?

Difference in Pricing

While YouTube TV starts at $64 per month, the top premium plan of Sling TV is still way cheaper.

Sling Tv Orange Plan Sling TV Blue Plan Sling TV Orange and Blue Plan YouTube TV
$35 $35 $50 $64


Channel Supported for Each Plan of Sling TV and YouTube TV

Sling Tv Orange Plan Sling TV Blue Plan Sling TV Orange and Blue Plan YouTube TV
25 channels 36 channels 40 channels 67 channels


As you can see that YouTube TV though being the expensive one provides you with more channels as compared to the top plan of Sling TV. If you prefer variety in content and can sit browsing through as many as 67 channels you should go for YouTube TV. Else if you are sticking to a budget and your choice of content is available through the 25 or 36 channels provided on Sling TV, you should opt for them.

Comparing the Interface

There is not much difference between the overall interface offered on YouTube TV and Sling TV. If you are a regular YouTube user then you won’t find much difference between the live streaming service of YouTube. The UI of YouTube is pretty straightforward to navigate the available channels.

Being the cheaper alternative for streaming services Sling TV offers a decent enough interface to keep up with YouTube TV. Recently, the platform upgraded the UI making it easier for viewers to access the contents without having to press too many buttons.

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Support for Simultaneous Stream

This means how many devices can you stream your favorite content at one time. Although YouTube supports streaming from 3 different devices at a single time, it offers unlimited streaming at an extra charge of $20.

Sling Tv Orange Plan Sling TV Blue Plan Sling TV Orange and Blue Plan YouTube TV
1 device 3 devices 4 devices 3 devices


Online Digital Video Recording Support

Most users may prefer to record the content they are streaming to watch later. The cloud DVR technology is supported on both YouTube TV and Sling TV. The former takes the cake in this segment as it offers unlimited recording at the same $64 plan.

Sling Tv Orange Plan Sling TV Blue Plan Sling TV Orange and Blue Plan YouTube TV
50 50 50 Unlimited
200 hours @ $5 200 hours @ $5 200 hours @ $5    —-


Is There Any Deal Offered by YouTube TV or Sling TV?

Of course, to retain customers Sling TV is offering discounts on purchasing its subscription. On the other hand, YouTube TV doesn’t offer any such promotional plans. It does offer paid upgrade to stream exclusive but limited 4K content. If you are on a budget, Sling TV plans with discounts should be your call.

Sling TV YouTube
 $10 discount for any of the 3 plans you opt  4K Content (upgradable at $20 add-on)


Channels You Won’t Get on YouTube TV and Sling TV

Here is a complete list of various popular channels that you won’t find on YouTube TV or Sling TV.

Sling TV Blue Sling TV Orange YouTube TV


Animal Planet

Disney Channel


Fox News

MLB Network





Bravo Animal Planet

Fox News



MLB Network

MSNBC Nickelodeon







Comedy Central


Which is More Value for Money YouTube TV or Sling TV?

An average customer always considers what makes a product or service value for money so that they can spend on it judiciously.

Sling TV has very few channels in their Blue plan compared to which YouTube TV offers double the channels. Even channels like NBC and Fox are limited to a few regions when considering Sling TV. If you are exclusively looking for sports entertainment then the Sling TV Blue plan is the one you should get.

The combo pack from Sling TV that includes Orange and Blue Plan only adds four extra channels. YouTube TV on the other hand offers far more channels when you combine the channels from the combo Blue and Orange plan offered by Sling TV.

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On a final note, YouTube TV is value for money than Sling TV. Though technically YouTube TV is a better option than Sling TV, if you need to stream some local channels at a minimum subscription you can give the Sling TV a shot. So, what would you pick? That’s a wrap for the comparison between YouTube TV and Sling TV.


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