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Google Chromecast May be Available in Australia by end of this Month

Folks of Australia may access to Google Chromecast service officially by the end of the month . It is came to know when a pre order page appearon Dick Smith’s online store. Earlier this month on 14th May, 2014 chromecast was launched in South Korea now its the turn of Australia.  

chromecastlogo1.png Chromecast1-640x435

The dongle will begin shipping on May 28th,but there’s no information on content partners at this stage, nor any word on a rumoured partnership with Telstra, but if you’re in the market for a Chromecast this is your chance to start getting one locally.

To add more on Telstra earlier this year, Telstra was rumoured to be in discussion with Google to get its suite of Bigpond media properties onto the Chromecast dongle.The telco was also reportedly looking at the possibility of embedding the Chromecast into its own digital media player, T-Box.

dick smith chromecast

But All of the sudden the page in pic above is shown now as 404 error. May be the online store posted that page accidentally but it is clear that chromecast is very near to be launched in Australia may be on May 28.



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Sukhraj Singh
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