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Android 12 preview for Android TV introduces Google TV experience

This year’s big Android upgrade comes in with the launch of the Android 12 developer preview for Android TVs by Google. This upgrade will include several changes to Android OS and improve its overall performance. Android 12 for Android TV OS will have an all-new Google TV experience.android 12 preview for android tv introduces google tv experience


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Google has not shared much details about Android 12 for Android TVs. But it is likely that the new features will be known soon as it is already been made available for the developers.

Reportedly, there may be some big feature enhancements including support for HEVC (high efficiency video coding) transcoding and multi channel audio. Typically, Google releases the first Android TV preview a few months after the first Android developer preview rolls out. But this year, Google is rolling it out at the same time. This may play a significant role in speeding up its adoption.

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The new Android 12 for Android TV is likely to share the same UI that made its debut with Google Chromecast with Google TV last year. It is likely to make its way on several other devices, including TCL’s 2021 TV lineup. This launch can make way for a more in-sync schedule for future releases.

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