Google app for Android debuts ‘Read Aloud’ and ‘Translate’ features


Google app for Android will soon incorporate the ‘Read Aloud’ and ‘Translate’ features. The new features are already out for some users, but soon the feature will be widely available. There will be an in-app shortcut for Google app for Android to enable easy access to these accessibility features.


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Read Aloud Feature on Google Search

‘Read Aloud’ will activate the Google Assistant simply to command it to read out something to you on Android. Simply, assert ‘Read this out to me’ to the Google Assistant while using the browser on Android. Also, both the features will be available via the three-dots menu in the browser and will debut soon for Android. These shortcuts are available via the Beta version 12.4 of the Google App.

These handy shortcuts are also designed to suggest the pages you might be interested in browsing. In an overhaul of Google App Bowser, the controls present on the top have been shifted to the bottom of the screen, thereby, making it more accessible, as, ‘Read Aloud’ is the only colourful option available. Other options being in monochrome. Also, the words that the bespoke app reads, get highlighted along with the pace, the play speed allowed to be controlled according to preference.

Other than the bespoke app, the text on the screen can easily be translated into the language of your choice. Present at the bottom of the screen, the bar allows the translation of the current page as per the language preference. Just like Google Translate, this in-app feature gives out a similar experience.

This could allow Android users to browse smoothly through Google app with the important tools present along with the browser window.

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