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how to update firestick

How to Update Amazon Firestick

Amazon Firestick is a very popular streaming stick among the masses all around the globe. To get new features and don't want to see any compatibility issues in some apps installed...

Google Home Update sheds some light on the new Nest WiFi

Google keeps pushing new stability and improvement updates to its products and services. In the latest update for the Google Home app, the search giant has pulled some plugs for the...

Chrome 116 Update Lets You Grant ‘Allow this time’ Access to Websites

Chrome development never stops, the team behind keeps working round-the-clock on new features to enhance usability and security. Just days after the stable rollout of Chrome 115 which added several new...

ChromeOS 115 Features brochure: Android App Streaming and other useful options

Google is rolling out ChromeOS 115 bundled with several new and useful features. It is a bigger update than the last couple of monthly updates. The update incorporates the Android App...

Google Chrome 115 brings Exciting Enhancements, but Leaves Advertisers Fuming

Google Chrome 115 brings Tons of Improvements, along with Bad News for Advertisers. After the stable release of Chrome 114 in May, here comes Chrome 115 which replaced the long-awaited tracking...

Google Nest Hub gets Bricked after an Overnight Update

Several reports related to the bricking of Google Nest Hubs have surfaced across the official Nest Community and over Reddit after a recent update. Google pushed a weekend update to the...
chromecast update

Chromecast with Google TV receives April 2023 Security Patch update

Chromecast is receiving a new firmware update globally featuring April 2023 Security Patch. Over the past couple of months, Google seems gradually rolling out updates for each month's Security Patch. The...

Google Home 3.1 update starts rolling with new UI and light controls

As announced a the Google IO 2023 conference, the Google Home app is finally receiving the much-awaited update with the new User Interface and whole new light controls. Google Hoem 3.1...
google tv

Google TV update brings performance boost, frees up storage with app hibernation

Google TV, the smart TV platform on devices like Chromecast with Google TV and some TV sets, has received a new update. The update brings several improvements to the performance and...
Chromecast with Google TV HD

Chromecast with Google TV 4K gets a new update with January 2023 Security Patch

Here's the second consecutive update of the year for the Chromecast with Google TV 4K. As per the recent reports, the new update brings the January 2023 Security Patch and even...

How to enable Google Chrome’s High-Efficiency Mode and Battery Saver Mode

At last, High-Efficiency Mode and Memory Saver Mode made its way through Google Chrome 110 stable version. It took a year for Google to rollout the feature in comparison with Microsoft...



How to cast Zoom meetings to Chromecast

Video conferencing through multiple devices at home has become a mandatory requisite these days when people are sitting inside their homes to protect themselves...