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Google Chromecast is launched three years back at very low cost, Keeping in mind the popularity of this device Google comes Chromecast 2nd gen in 2015. At the Launch of Google Chromecast in 2013 it can only stream your videos and can mirror your device’s screen on your TV screen. But Google has consistently updated its Chromecast stick to support streaming music through chromecast audio and now we can even play games via chromecast. So, now Chromecast stream from computer, smartphones, tablets almost any kind of content to your TV screen.

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From Last year Google is more focused on games development for Chromecast. Result of which their games in which have chromecast support out of them we have list some of the Best games for chromecast.

Big Web Quiz for Chromecast

big web quiz Big web quiz for chromecast is a multiplayer game and it is truly designed for Chromecast. If you have party or a get together than this game will be a fun to play. Concept of the game is up to 5 player can play at a time each one will have their own avatar.

Then there are will be a question on the big screen (TV) and answers will be presented on the smartphones and tablets like slide in the order.

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Monopoly Here & Now

monopoly for chromecast

Monopoly is the Old days board game for kids. Now you can download the game form Play store and play. You can also play Monopoly Here & Now on your TV screen with the chromecast support. To play Monopoly on your TV with friends follow the steps below.

• Connect to your TV with a Chromecast device and use your tablet or smartphone to control the action!
• Chromecast device & internet connection required for Play on TV mode.
• Each player must have the MONOPOLY HERE & NOW app installed on their device.

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Scribble is the classic word making game. In this game you will be given seven letters and a minute to make a word. There will be three rounds of play which player will get the highest score wins the Game. To cast Scribble to TV screen, Google Chromecast and internet connection required. Each player must have the SCRABBLE Blitz game installed on their iOS or Android device.

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Connect 4 Quads for Chromecast

connect 4 quad

In connect 4 quad for chromecast up to four players can use their phones to drop the virtual checker pieces onto the virtual game structure. Players are lined to line up four red or yellow pucks in a row by using gestures to swipe, rotate, or direct the pieces into specific slots on the gameboard.

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  • To Play connect 4 Quad on TV you should have Chromecast and an internet connection. Play on your existing smartphone or tablet.
  • Each player must have the CONNECT 4 Quads game installed on their smartphone or tablet to play.

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Just Dance Now

just dance now forchromecastJust Dance Now is a game in the Just Dance series developed by Ubisoft. The game was released on September 25, 2014 on both the App Store and Google Play. The trailer for the game was revealed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014 on 9 June 2014. This ad-supported version of the game is available for free download, accessing a limited library of songs.[1] A few months prior, a beta version was available in the aforementioned stores to most parts of Europe. Now with the latest version of this app you can use your smartphone as a controller with which the app can connect to any screen.

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