Best Games for Chromecast with Google TV in 2024


Chromecast with Google TV is one of the best and most popular streaming stick out there in the market. You can watch and cast content on Chromecast with various apps. But many people are unaware of the fact that you can also play games on your Chromecast.

best games for chromecast

There are many games for Chromecast available on Android and iOS platforms. However these games are light weight in size or you can play via casting feature of Chromecast. You can also watchout our article on best games for chromecast 2020. Coming back to 2024 list of games for Chromecast, we have made the list on the basis of availability and popularity.

List of best Chromecast Games 2024


wordcast for chromecast

Its a word game with a multiplayer mode that supports up to five players. The Wordcast is very similar to the classic game Scrabble. It supports up to 20 languages, which means you can play the wordcast game in 20 different languages. All Pro features are also unlocked for everybody you play with, as long as they are connected to the same game session you are.

Playing a Wordcast game on Chromecast requires the phone as controller. However, the sad thing about the Wordcast game is, its only available on Android platform.


drawparty game for chromecast

It is a new game for Chromecast that can be played with friends or family in which you have to guess a word. Make two teams to play this game and create a drawing, and the other team has to guess. Whoever guesses the most drawings wins the game. Currently, DrawParty is only available on the Android platform.

Just Dance Now

If you are an avid dancer or just someone who parties during the weekends. You can enjoy Just Dance’s greatest songs and choreographies without a video game console or a choreographer’s strict classes. Just Dance Now has more than 700 songs to Dance, it also includes 40 awesome songs from the team Just Dance by Ubisoft Entertainment.

just dance now with chromecast

All you need is a smartphone, a TV connected to a Chromecast, and an internet connection. That’s it! You can connect the app to the TV through your smartphone. Just Dance Now app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Just hook up the Chromecast to TV and start grooving to the tunes with a smartphone as your DJ controller!

Alien Invaders Chromecast game

alien invaders

If you want some old school games on Chromecast, then Alien Invaders is a very good option. All you need to do is shoot aliens as they slowly descend towards your spacecraft clear the board before they reach the bottom of the stage. And while the gameplay is pretty easy, the most fun part comes when you hook it up to a bigger screen and join with your friends. Alien Invaders is multiplayer game that you can play with up to six people  simultaneously.It works as intended and is developed to be stable with Chromecast support. The game is free only on the Android platform.

Angry Birds Friends (Arcade)

Angry Birds Friends is a very well-known and popular stress buster game. It has evolved from just catapulting birds to rock to a much more immersive tournament structure, making you compete against your friends and strangers as you ascend to higher levels. Multiple challenges are available, with rules and subsequent rewards, so that you can prove your skills.  Occasionally, there are theme-based tournaments that take place at different points throughout the year as well, giving you a chance to earn special prizes.

angry birds friends

Rovio Entertainment’s most ambitious game is definitely more addictive if projected to a bigger screen with the Chromecast. With multiple online modes available, you can definitely challenge your friends to victory, if you have the advantage of better visuals on a bigger screen. If you don’t believe me, try it out yourself. It is available on both the iOS and Android Platforms.

Math Arcade Chromecast Games

Its a very good game for kids to learn about  addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in mathematics. It helps the users improve there mathematical capability with interesting games using simple mathematical operations.

math arcade chromecast games

It is a multiplayer game, and you can play it with your friends. To play Math Arcade Chromecast Games, you must have an Android phone and Chromecast. The game is only available on the Android platform.


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