Black Friday Deals on Google Chromecast, Home, Nest and More


On the eve of Black Friday as all the major brands, stores and retailers are giving huge discounts on their product. So Google also gave some good deals on all its devices from chromecast to Pixel slate and Google Nest outdoor cameras to the new Stadia Premiere Edition and Nest Wifi router.

Google Black Friday Deals

Some of Google’s products are very popular like Chromecast and Stadia Premiere edition. If you’re looking to buy any of the Google Products you must see the list of deals written below.

List of Black Friday deals on Google Chromecast, Home, Nest, Stadia and more

Google Chromecast Standard version: The standard version of Chromecast supports 1080p support. That means you can play and stream anything on your TVs or any other big display with HDMI Support in Full HD 1080P quality. If you want to buy a standard version of Chromecast this is the best deal for you. Today Google Chromecast is available for just $25($10 OFF). You can buy from the links given below.

Best Buy | Walmart | Google Store


Google Chromecast Ultra: The Chromecast Ultra works the same as Chromecast standard version do. But Chromecast Ultra has an extra feature i.e. it has the 4K HDR streaming support. It’s worth the extra money if you ever intend to stream in 4K, or need an Ethernet connection for your Chromecast. Today Google is giving a $20 discount on Chromecast Ultra on all the major online retailers. That means Chromecast Ultra is available to buy for just $49 You can buy it from the links below.

Best Buy | Walmart | Google Store


Google Home Mini: It is a voice-controlled smart speaker with Google Assistant support. You can play music on it, hear the latest news, weather and more. Google Home Mini is one of the cheapest Smart Speaker available in the market. Now Google has made it more cheaper for you by giving a $25 discount on Home Mini. That means Google Home Mini is available to buy for just $19. You can buy it from any of the below listed online retailers

Best Buy | Walmart | Google Store


 Google Home Mini and Chromecast: This is the best deal if you want to buy a smart speaker and chromecast. As on Walmart, you will get Google Home Mini and Chromecast bundle for just $35. If we add the normal price of both the devices it will be around $74 that means you can save $39.

Buy it on Walmart


Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL (unlocked): The latest flagship smartphones from Google are available to buy with a $200 discount. Google Pixel 4 is available to buy for just $599 and Pixel 4 Xl is available to buy for just $699. The discount is available on all the below listed online retailers. If you want to buy you can go through them.

Amazon | Best Buy | Pixel 4 Walmart Pixel 4 XL  | Google Store


Google Nest Products: All the devices in the Nest series are also on the discount you can try. Go through the links below to buy them.

Amazon | Best Buy | Walmart  | Google Store


So these are some of the best Black Friday deals on Google Chromecast, Home, Nest, and Pixel phones. Hope you liked, Enjoy!

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