Buy Google Chromecast with $80 Freebies


Google again comes up with amazing offer to the new Google chromecast owners from March 20th to April 19th 2015 i.e. $80 of freebies which includes Namely, three months of subscription to Play Music, one month of Qello Concerts, three months of Drama Fever, three months of Sesame Street GO and a free movie rental from Play Movies.

chromecast $80 freebies

Google, and other retailers, have been offering various Chromecast bundles since launch. The speculation is that Google wants to encourage as much adoption as possible in order to strengthen its negotiation position with content providers. High user numbers are likely to be essential when it comes to securing third party content ahead of rival TV streaming products.

Google HDMI dongle Chromecast ranks third in U.S. retail streaming device sales, behind Roku and leader Apple TV. The stats, from NPD, are for fourth quarter 2014. So it is very good deal to buy a popular device from google with which you will get freebies of almost twice of the price of the Google Chromecast. Buy Google chromecast Now to get the Freebies worth $80. [vc_button title=”Amazon US” target=”_self” color=”default” href=””] | [vc_button title=”Amazon UK” target=”_self” color=”default” href=”″]



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