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How to Cast PDF files on TV Using Chromecast

Want to cast PDF files on TV using Chromecast? Then this guide brings you the steps to cast any PDF file from a computer or smartphone. The primary reason to cast a PDF file to TV is to view it on a bigger screen. If you are working on some project that involves PDF files, maybe to showcase those files to a large number of viewers you require to display them on a wide-screen TV.

cast PDF Files on TV Using Chromecast

Secondly, if you are an avid reader, then maybe a book in PDF version may be difficult to read on a small smartphone screen. You can easily view the pages on the TV screen when you cast the PDF file on TV. When it comes to casting the best solution is Chromecast.

Steps Cast PDF Files on TV Using Chromecast

First, let us check out how to cast PDF Chromecast enabled TV from a PC.

Cast from a PC

  1. Enable the WiFi network.
  2. Ensure that your PC and the Chromecast are connected to the same WiFi network.
  3. Launch the Chrome browser on your PC.
  4. Right-click in the open space of the browser home screen.
  5. Click on the option Cast from the menu that appears.
    cast option in Chrome browser
  6. Now, your PC will start looking for Casting devices nearby.
  7. It will discover Chromecast and the same will be displayed on the Chrome browser casting option.
  8. From the Sources drop-down menu select Files. [As we have to cast a PDF file]
  9. Select the PDF file and it will now appear on the PC. As the PC is being cast to TV then the same PDF file will now appear on the TV screen as well.
  10. To scroll through the PDF file simply use the trackpad or mouse on your computer/laptop. The movement will be reflected on the TV screen accordingly.

Cast PDF files from a Smartphone

It is quite easy to cast a PDF file from a smartphone. In this context, we are using a smartphone running Android OS.

  1. Have the WiFi network ready and connect the smartphone to it.
  2. Also, connect the Chromecast device to the same WiFi network.
  3. Then pull down the notification center and you will see various icons.
  4. Navigate to the Cast icon and tap on it.tap on Screen Cast
  5. It will display the Chromecast device when it discovers it.
  6. Select the Chromecast.
  7. Now, open the PDF file on your smartphone.
  8. As the casting has now begun, the PDF file will be cast to the TV screen.

There is a downside to casting PDF files from smartphones though. As smartphone apps are constantly buzzing with notifications unlike PC, all those notification alerts will also appear on the TV screen.

This may disturb you if you are trying to read a book or any important document. I suggest enabling the flight mode or Do Not Disturb when you are casting your PDF files to TV from your smartphone via Chromecast.

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The primary idea of casting the screen to TV is to bring more convenience to the visibility of the content. Not only movies, videos, and TV shows, but you can also cast PDF files on TV using Chromecast. Use your PC or smartphone, follow the steps in the guide and you will be good to go.

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