Chromecast now support casting Google Drive Presentations


Chromecast has received support for Google Drive presentations this is something that should drastically change just how useful the product is for offices and schools. This feature was previously visible to only a limited number of users while Google worked out on the bugs but now it looks like it may be ready for prime time.

chromecst ppt casting

Now this is visible to us. In Drive there is a “Present” button near the top from there you have the option to share your presentation to any Chromecast on the same network with the new “Present on another device” option. Those other devices seem to be relegated to Chromecast, at least for now.

It is only available for desktop users for now. If you are using chromecast extension using chrome you will not be able to cast.  though. Currently, Android devices are not supported for such casting, though it would be a nice addition, especially for tablets.




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