Chromecast with Google TV experiencing audio issues after toggling the TV power state


Chromecast with Google TV has been the talk of the town in the streaming market since its launch a couple of years ago. Google recently introduced the HD variant a while ago at the price of $29 featuring a bit less hardware prowess than the 4K variant. However, both the variants of Chromecast with Google TV are being affected by an audio not working issue once the user toggles its power state.

chromecast with google tv experiencing audio issues after toggling the tv power state

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According to the recent finding, several users are complaining about the audio not working issue after they turn off and on their TV. Forking the issue further, it is reported that the TV outputs menu navigation sounds, but fails to transfer audio output of content being played. The issue has affected a majority of users across the globe which is quite evident from the several threads on Reddit and official Nest community forums. Surprisingly, some users even took to Twitter to register their ordeal with the concerned authorities.

Until Google didn’t roll out a quick fix, users can restart the device from the Settings menu to get rid of the issue temporarily.

chromecast with google tv experiencing audio issues after toggling the tv power state

A user on Reddit with the name random-danishguy said, “My chrome cast w Google tv suddenly has no sound. It’s every time I turn on the tv, and the only way to get it back is by taking out the power cable and resetting the chrome-cast. How do I fix this?:)”

Another user posted on Nest Community said, “We just bought a new chromecast and no matter what settings we try we cannot get any audio.”

The issue seems affecting the users since the recent firmware update that carried the January 2023 Security Patch.


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