Denon will not Support Google Cast at all


Last year at CES Google announces that Google cast partnered with LG, Sony, and Denon to launch the first wave of Google Cast-enabled speakers. LG and Sony even launched their Speakers with Google Cast support. But Denon hasn’t announce any of this and Today Company Officially announced that they will not support Google Cast at all.

denon won't support google cast

On Twitter conversation with a customer DenonUk says  “Unfortunately,due to differing product approaches,both companies have decided not to move forward with the integration at this..” the company’s official Twitter account confirmed that Google and Denon have decided to not move forward with Google Cast integration at this point in time.

Don’t be sad if you’re in the market for Google Cast-enabled speakers look to offerings from LG and Sony, and soon new partners which were announced during CES 2016 will also have supported products out, the Partners are Pioneer, Raumfeld, Philips, Harman/Kardon and others.


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