Google Assistant Driving Mode is now accessible from phone home screen


The latest beta build v12.47 of the Google app brings along a shortcut to launch the Google Assistant Driving Mode. You have to tap on the option “Add driving mode to home screen”. This feature is a refreshed version of launching Google Assistant Driving Mode. This was there on older Android OS which Google tweaked a bit with the onset of Android 12.

google assistant driving mode

Recently, Google also introduced the auto-launch feature for Assistant Driving Mode. Earlier users had to connect their device to their’s car’s Bluetooth. Then initiate the Assistant Mode. All this manual work is now gone with the auto-launch.

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To enable the feature on your smartphone, head over to the Settings section of the Google app. Navigate to When Connected to A Car’s Bluetooth. Tap on Launch Driving Mode.

There is also an option to launch the Driving Mode right away when your vehicle starts rolling. If you think the auto-launch feature is not your cup of tea, you may use voice commands to invoke the Driving Mode.

You may use the phrases such as Hey Google, Start Driving Mode or Hey Google let’s Drive. If you are using Google Map, then the drive mode usually initiates on its own.


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