Google Chrome to let you quickly hide your Reading List


Google Chrome will soon allow you to hide your Reading List with the new update coming in. The Reading List feature was recently added to the Chrome browser that allows bookmarking an article to read later.

In Chrome Canary it is now possible to hide the “Reading list” button from the bookmarks bar. from r/chrome

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The Reading List feature allows the users to save articles to read them later. If you do not find time to read an article that you find interesting, you can add it to the reading list. You can access the bookmarked page later with just a few clicks. The reading list icon is present on the right side of the bookmark bar.

As per the reports, some users are not happy with the reading list icon present on the right side of the bookmark bar. But there is a way to turn it off on Chrome 91 Canary by right-clicking on the bookmark bar and disabling the option. A Reddit user Leopeva64-2 came across this feature. He has also discovered that Google is testing a new feature of developing a ‘side panel’ that will contain a toolbar with the reading list in it. And most probably you can hide your reading list from the toolbar itself.

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Google is planning to roll out a new feature every month from now. Chrome 91 will receive the new reading list feature probably in mid-May as a stable release. The new feature will roll out soon to the users.


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