Google Chromecast now supports Google Play Movies and Music


Google now giving more services to Google Chromecast as now you can stream content from the Google Play Movies and Google Play Music. from the Web. If you don’t feel like using your phone or tablet, you can just visit and directly cast movies, shows, and music to your TV.

play music

This isn’t the very first time that a web site has added in Chromecast support, except for but for half, users have still had to travel through smartphone or tablet apps in order to stream media directly. a select few popular websites do include support though, including Netflix and YouTube. With 12th december’s update, lots a lot of content are going to be simply simple to begin streaming — at least for those that purchase movies and music through the Play store.



  1. I own an older tv and have recently received a cisco DTA 170HD digital adapter through my cable company. Am I able to install my new chromecast to the adapter? I have installed into the HDMI input and the menu states that the HDMI is not connected. What can I do? Please help.

  2. I just purchased my Google Chromecast and my internet WiFi is not compatible. Is there something else I can do because I don’t want to change my internet service or is this product just completely useless to me?

  3. I downloaded the Chrome cast on to my laptop, but not able to connect to my daughter TV. Do have some simple instructions or a toll free number for support. I would it appreciated very much. Thanks


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