Google Chromecast Receiving OTA Update


chroomecast ota update

A week Old Device which has Google launched on 24th july 2013.  You can also check out our previous article What is Google Chromecast? It is a great device but their are some issues to some people while establishing connection. After seeing all these issues Google responds very quickly with an update which will fix some bugs like performance, reliability, and security.

You will start getting the update in the next few days. Current build number is 12078 with the update being 12840. There are no details as yet on exactly what is included in the software update for the Google Chromecast, you can find out more details over at Google.

Source: Google Chrome Releases


  1. I have read rave reviews about this device about how great it is and how easy it is to hook up and run. I have been trying for days to get mine connected. I’ve tried connecting with an iPad mini, An iPhone 5, iPhone 4 ,iPod touch 5, even my old Windows XP notebook all to no avail. First you have to change your wifi setting to the name of the device “Chromecast1234” would reach a point in set up and would not proceed any further no matter how many times I tried, then the device changed its name and became “Chromecast4321” So I tried again with this name and got as far in set up as a verification code but would go no further and would not connect. I am very frustrated with the whole thing and will just be returning it.

  2. Scott – Do not return the device. It worked fine for me with first attempt but I tried it with my laptop.

    Do not return it, Instead you could sell it on ebay and make money out of it.


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