Google Tensor – Features and Technical Specifications


Google unveiled their new line of Pixel devices today. Even though there aren’t a dozen variants like what we have in the competition, Google seems to have done it well this time. Even though the event was about the Pixel 6 lineup, the star was the new Google Tensor SoC cooked by none other than Google. The software giant claims the new Google Tension SoC is the best. But they never told us why it’s the best. To be specific, the new chip was unveiled in a fashion Apple unveils their bionic chips. There was very little information on the technical specification of the chipset.

google tensor the best, but we can't tell you why

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There is no denying that Google is the industry expert when it comes to AI and ML. The term Tensor is a not so easy to understand mathematical object. Tensor is of great importance in almost all advanced fields of science, including AI. So Google might be planning in on something with their naming scheme.

Google Tensor: The best or a blunder?

ML (or Machine Learning) is growing at an exponential rate similar to the semiconductor industry. ML is greatly influencing our lives and the way we use technology to get things done. Google Assistant and Google Translate are great examples that could give you an idea of the growth in ML. Google made the Tensor to better deliver ML to smartphone users.

Improved AI

According to Google, the new Google Tensor SoC is capable of compiling advanced ML models. Google claims the new SoC operates at a much lower power figure compared to previous generations. They also said that Google Assistant can use their more accurate Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) algorithm on Google Tensor with minimal drain from the battery. 

google tensor powered google pixel 6

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Google said the new Tensor SoC will be essential for their new Live Translate feature, which can help you chat with anyone. The Live Translate feature also puts an end to the cutting and pasting text into the Google Translate web service. The new on-device neural machine translation (NMT) model will only use less than half the power with the introduction of the Tensor SoC. 


Pixel is often considered the camera phone. According to experts, Google Tensor will be of use to the photography and videography capabilities of the new Pixel phones. The already accurate Face detection will be more accurate with the introduction of the new SoC. Other features like Real Tone, Magic Eraser, Action Pan and Long Exposure will likely be needing that extra juice from the new chipset.

google tensor

Enough Protection is not Always Enough.

Google’s new Titan M2 from the Google Tensor security core paired with TrustZone will give the Pixel 6 lineup more layers of hardware security in any phone. Titan M2 will protect any sensitive user data. M2 is certified to withstand attacks like EM analysis, voltage glitching and laser fault injection. But we don’t know who approves these tests. Hackers have come a long from those things. 

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As we said, the Google Tensor might be the future of Pixel smartphones. Even though Google didn’t get too much into the technical details, we believe they’ve given us better than what Apple does every year. So yeah, this might be the best SoC on an Android device (or even smartphones in general), but we can’t tell you why.


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