Google updates its Google Photos App with Chromecast Support


The newest version of the Google Photos app is rolling out Photos v1.6 which adds Google cast support to it. Along with the Chromecast support there are lot more features that are present in the new update:

google photos chromecast support

  • Chromecast support: Cast your photos and videos to your TV, even if they haven’t been backed up yet. Plus, pick and choose what shows up on your TV while you’re browsing on your phone.
  • More people features (US only): In Search, you can now label and merge people groupings. Once labeled, easily search for people, or combine people, place, and thing search terms for even more precise results, such as “Juliana at beach in Hawaii”.
  • Whatsapp GIFs, For those of you who use Whatsapp (I’m told there are a lot of you), the new Photos app has a cool new feature. You can share animated GIFs to Whatsapp as a short videos. Just choose Whatsapp from the share menu, and Photos lets you trim the GIF animation down. Google also says there are speed improvements in the update.
  • Adjust the speed of slow motion videos shot with the new Google Camera app on Nexus 5X & 6P



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