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Google’s New Chromebook that’s codenamed “Rush”

Google has come up with its new Chromebook with “Tegra132” 64-bit Denver NVIDIA Tegra SoC. The latest hardware platform / chip being supported by mainline Coreboot is “Tegra132”, the NVIDIA Tegra codename for the 64-bit Denver Tegra K1 design. That initial ARMv8 Tegra K1 SoC support landed overnight by Google’s Furquan Shaikh.
corebootThere’s been a few 64-bit Tegra Chromebooks shown off by Google partners including Acer and HP. However, which Chromebook correlates to the “Rush” codename I haven’t been able to figure out at this point. If you’ve seen any other references to Rush in the Chromebook/Chrome OS realm, let me know by commenting on this article. It’s great anyhow to see Google continue to be committed to Coreboot for x86 and ARM Chrome devices.


Sukhraj Singh
Sukhraj Singh
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