Microsoft Edge Surpasses Safari Browser in Popularity


Recent analytics data from StatCounter reveals that the Microsoft Edge browser is more popular than Apple Safari. Statistics denote that globally 10.07% of PC users prefer to use the Edge browser. Around 9.61% of worldwide desktop users run the Safari browser from Apple Inc.

microsoft edge popular than safari browser

Google Chrome retains the tag of number one browser with 66.58% of PC users at the global level. The userbase of Mozilla Firefox has plummeted to 7.87% of PC browser users from 9.18% which it had early this year.

Though globally Microsoft Edge leads the browsing game, in certain locations like the US, Safari has a more active user base than the former. On the contrary, in Europe, Edge has more users than the Safari browser.

In the initial days, Edge was leagues behind the Chrome browser though the former was built using the Chromium engine. With time, Edge improved its performance and UI which made it desirable for the users.

Regarding Firefox not being able to keep up with its peers, experts say that it lacks the level of marketing that Microsoft or Google carries out for their products. With better marketing products have a better brand presence in a domain.

Where Safari browser is Lagging in Comparison to Other browsers?

Safari browsing app is specific to Apple which limits its userbase. Apple devices are super expensive and it has a niche userbase that loyally uses the Apple computers.

Windows OS is offered on budget and mid-range PCs which have a major user base throughout the world. These users then make their choice between Chrome or Edge browser. The latter comes inbuilt with Windows 10 and Windows 11 OS. This results in Safari staying behind in the browsing race when compared to its peers.

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As compared to Chrome or Edge, the Safari browser doesn’t get frequent upgrades. It gets one major update a year that integrates new features to the platform. Chrome and Edge on the other hand frequently squash existing bugs and improve performance by pushing out newer builds at a regular interval.



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