Motion Tennis Cast Turn Your Android Phone Into a Tennis Racquet with Chromecast support


Motion Tennis Cast is a tennis game that you can play on your TV. Rolocule has introduced its Motion Tennis to the Google Play Store. The team’s demo works on the Chromecast by using the new mirroring capability announced at Google I/O.

motion tennis cast

Google had recently actually made the Google Cast SDK available to the Developers that allowed app developers to utilize the dongle, without having to resort to unauthorized and hackish means.

“We are really excited to bring Motion Tennis Cast on Android. Not only does it bring the most intuitive tennis experience to Android, it showcases the power of Google ecosystem.” said Rohit Gupta, CEO of Rolocule Games.

“Pretty soon users will be able to use their Android Wear for playing games or staying fit using our award winning motion tracking technology – rolomotion – Motion Tennis Cast is a step in that direction.”

The way it works is that you’re really running the game on the phone, a Nexus 5 in the case of the demo video below, and the game is being mirrored to Chromecast and displayed on the TV. It obviously uses the motion sensors on the smartphone but is implemented in such a way that it really does feel like a Wiimote.

Motion Tennis Cast ONLY works with Smartphones running Android OS v4.2.2(JellyBean) and above with Screen Mirroring provided by Chromecast, Miracast or AllShareCast enabled Smart TVs, dongles and also works with Chrome web browsers. Go to the play Store and try Motion Tennis Cast. Do tell us about how you feel after playing the Game via Comments.



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