Fitnet Personal Fitness Video comes with Chromecast Support


New fitness app with revrevolutionise the fitness training with the fitness videos shown on the TVs from your smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc through Chromecast. Get off the couch or boost your training. 200+ free video fitness workouts with webcam scoring. Yoga, Taiji, strength and cardio workouts at varied intensities provide a fun and rewarding experience for beginners and experts alike!

fitnet personal fitness

In this app personal trainers can upload five minute workout videos, create customised schedules for individuals and monitor their clients progress through a combination of biometric sensors and trackers all from within the app, meaning time and schedule conflicts will be a thing of the past.

Fitnet Features:

• 7-day plan and weekly goal keeps you on track
• Connect with a fitness trainer for tips, guidance and encouragement
• Real-time biometric feedback compares you with the trainer
• Display on Chromecast
• Always fresh – new workouts posted regularly
• Style and intensity of workouts adapt to you
• Multiple workout styles provide significant variety
• Quick 5-minute workouts provide flexibility for your busy schedule

 Download it for free from here Play Store | iTunes


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