Google’s tiny streaming stick is becoming popular day by day. Google Korea says that Google has sell 10 Million chromecasts in the Market.Result of this popularism their are streaming services which are not given chromecast support to their apps to users, they are quickly giving this support to stream their content through Google Chromecast.

npo chromecast support

Today NPO the Dutch public broadcaster has issued a new update for the iOS NPO appDutch public broadcaster NPO has issued a new update for the iOS NPO app, which is now available in the App store., which is now available in the App store gives the Google chromecast support in the app to the users.

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npo chromecast support

Both free and premium streams from the NPO app can now be screened on the television set using the Chromecast dongle.The app, that also features live synchronisation for use as a second screen, already supported Apple AirPlay-function. The Chromecast feature can be used for all catch-up programmes, the streaming live channels and the premium (paid for) selection in NPO Plus.


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