Positives and Negatives of Google Chromecast


positives and negatives of google chromecast


On 24th July 2013 launches Google Chromecast to enjoy your web videos and music directly from your TV. You have to set it up on your TV and have to install an app on your smartphone and enjoy your stuff on web. You can directly watch YouTube videos from the web by just switching the button Ready To Cast on YouTube.com than chromecast device will cast what you are watching on your  laptop, PC , smartphone or tablet directly to your TV. You can also see our article How Set Up Google Chromecast ?

Now lets take a look at Positives and negatives of Google Chromecast.


  • First of all the price of the Device is very affordable for all of us to buy this device.
  • It is very small and impressive device which can be hidden at the back of your TV sets.
  • No extra remote control is needed to clutter up the living room your  laptop, PC , smartphone or tablet act as the remote control you can adjust volume through your devices while watching TV through Chromecast.
  • It will work almost all the platforms even on iOS devices.
  • Google Chromecast has very tight integration with the Google Play store.


  • Major problem in Google Chromecast is it needs a power supply. This means more cables at the back of TV.
  • Content is limited as its competitors like Apple TV is offering more content in its device.


You have seen all the positives and negatives of Google Chromecast. While watching its negatives yes we think it limited in content but it can be upgraded in future and at this price of $35 it is a great device from Google. Although its competitors are give more facilities but they much costlier than Google Chromecast.


  1. I just bought this and am very disappointed with it. I thought I’d be able to stream live TV from my phone but it seems the only thing I can do with it is stream Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and music. I could already do that with my PS3. So, unless you don’t have a PS3, this is worthless

    • Google is working to add more channels and subscription to it. Just wait and watch Google is working hard to improve its compatibility with other services..

  2. I’m having trouble using Netflix With chrome cast, it seems that chrome cast is not compatible with Silverlight, It is what is needed to view Netflix. I Think Your Product Is Great and hope the kinks can be work out.
    Frank OMeilia,

  3. I thought I would be able to connect directly from my phone. Without wifi. My phone is faster then my wifi and I have unlimited data and web on my phone and it keeps looking for my limited wifi. Useless to me..

  4. Bought on line at Best Buy……could not get help from Best Buy North Olmsted, Ohio. I have it connected in my bedroom and no one can tell me how this works. The tiny instruction book that comes with this device is very vague. I think I will return it as I don’t think enhances my TV at all. I talked with the Geek Squad at North Olmsted, Ohio and no one could help me even the installation department didn’t know about this product. I will return if this week. What a bust.

  5. I purchsed this chromecast hardware hoping to stream live movies from my wireless set up via netflix. My tv. identified chromecast, but I couldnt get beyond the setup for streaming. Kept getting flags on the silverlight compatability, and then, further hinderances came from the chromecast wireless connection, and my homebased internet service. A waste of about 2 days of trying to stream live, baaaaah hummmbug. Majorly– NO CHROMECAST SUPPORT!!!!

  6. Best Buy said there were no compatibility issues with this unit.
    when I tried to set it up through Google.com I found it was incompatible with my Motorola router and it was also incompatible with Windows XP.
    Altogether a big disappointment

  7. I bought 2 .Chromecast Units, then I find out in the setup they are not compatible
    With Actiontec Routers now what do I do. It would have been nice if Google had
    Warned me before I bought them.
    Thomas E Gould

  8. With borderline wifi, the Chromecast is pretty much useless.

    I have to stream the video to my device, then stream it back to the Chromecast on the tv. I can just barely stream to my ps3 as it is – how am I going to do it double at the same time? Choppy and halting. Very frustrating.

    It would be more worthwhile if the apps could be installed directly on the Chromecast thing itself.

  9. Thanks for buy mart bestbuy.ca not very helpful chrome plated bcast egg hunt and it was working for Actiontec

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