Safer Internet Day: Google Shares Progress


Google has become as crucial as the very air we breathe. So is the concern for safety and security while on the net. Google had its way through several lawsuits and made news headlines regarding user privacy and security. But we should be thankful to them since we’ve used Google to stay informed of the latest security trends. And as we celebrate Safer Internet Day, Google shares progress on its effort to create a safer internet. Google also detailed how they’ll ensure safety for the coming years.

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There is no doubt that 2020 turned our lives inside out. Internet usage reached an all-time high. And according to Google, the safety concern of the users was unlike the past years. We have listed some of them below.

Searches related to online safety and security

According to Google, searches similar to “how strong is my password” increased by 300%, and “online safety tips” saw an increase of 250% in 2020. An Ipsos survey found that more than 50% of the users were concerned about their security and online safety.

Also, questions like, “Is shopping online safe” saw an increase of 200% last year compared to 2019. Other similar questions like “Is ordering online safe”, “Is using a debit card online safe” were among the hot searches in 2020.

The Billion figure Statistics

Today Google made some promising claims centered on some figures in the billions. The most one being related to Google Photos. Google claims to have encrypted 4 billion photos, which should supposedly include some of our clicks.

The tech giant also claims to have blocked roughly 25 billion spam webpages (do the math, that around 4 pages for each person on planet earth). Google, in their keynote, said that they were able to reduce credential breaches by 30%. Google’s Safe Browsing now protects more than 4 billion devices.

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Google Fi VPN expands to iOS

Google Fi, which remained only in beta for Android, is finally coming to iPhones. Which could mean a lot if you’re looking for a VPN that is worth the effort. The VPN helps you get a faster and at the same time, encrypted browsing experience.

Cybersecurity Training Initiative

Google announced the cybersecurity training initiative, which, according to Google, aims to educate state lawmakers and staff to further improve their defense against digital attacks. The training will be conducted in all 50 states in the US and will be throughout 2021.

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Google is sometimes considered the internet of everything. There are countless numbers of applications and services from Google that make up most of the internet. Such an organization should definitely be concerned about security, and we believe they are.


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