You should setup AirPlay on LG TV this easy way


Apple products, from iPhones to MacBooks, rely on AirPlay to stream or cast any graphic or audio from the portable device to the big screen. Unlike Cast or Mirroring on Android, AirPlay is exclusive to Apple smartphones, tablets, and Macs. There’s a simple way to set AirPlay on an LG TV easily, and the same is detailed below:

you should setup airplay on lg tv this easy way


AirPlay is supported on most of the latest LG TVs, especially the LG TVs launched after 2018. In addition, these smart TVs run on WebOS 4.0 or later versions. The method below works on these models.

The TVs before this are not compatible with AirPlay directly, but there’s always a way out. For old LG TVs, you can check out a working solution here.

Steps to use AirPlay on LG TV

Enable AirPlay on LG TV

  1. Turn On TV
  2. Tap on the Input Button on Remote
  3. Select Home Dashboard on TV
  4. Then, Select AirPlay
  5. Open AirPlay and HomeKit Settings
  6. Now, Turn on AirPlay

You have enabled AirPlay on LG TV following the above steps

Share iPhone Screen with LG TV

  1. Open Control Center on iPhone
  2. Tap Screen Mirroring
  3. Select TV from the list of devices
  4. Enter the passcode on the iPhone, as it appears on TV
  5. Streaming will start

Controls Explained: Smartphone screen on the Smart TV

LG offers the ability to reposition, sound control, full screen, and end features.

There are certain icons present on the casting screen, and the users can use them to change the position of the cast screen, etc.

you should setup airplay on lg tv this easy way
  1. It is an icon to reposition the pop-up.
  2. The speaker icon shifts audio from the TV to the source device.
  3. It is an icon to Full-Screen the display.
  4. The user can exit the pop-up.

There could be some glitches while enabling the AirPlay on LG TV, but those can be rectified easily. Moreover, you can comment below, if any issue persists while following the above steps.


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