screen share netflix on Discord

How to screen share Netflix on Discord

In Netflix, account sharing is expressly forbidden. It doesn't help that people cancel their Netflix subscriptions due to the price increase, leaving us with few options to share our binge-watching sessions...
fix netflix not working on roku

How to Fix Netflix Not Working on Roku Issue?

In this guide, we have highlighted troubleshooting tips to fix the issue of Netflix not working on Roku. Netflix and chill is no more a cool statement. Everyone around the globe...

HBO Max hits 76.8 million subscribers globally

HBO Max has gained a massive 4 million subscribers in the first quarter of 2022. According to the final quarter report of 2021, HBO Max was having a total of 73.8...
HBO Max Bags 4.4M Subscribers in Q4 2021

HBO Max Bags 4.4M Subscribers in Q4 2021

HBO Max is a streaming service from WarnerMedia. The service has grown at a much faster pace since its inception in May 2020. Even though HBO Max was only available in...
Netflix and HULU Tax Lawsuit

Federal Judge orders in favour of Netflix and Hulu against Tax Lawsuit

Streaming services are replacing traditional cable at a much faster pace. It is no surprise that they're taking away a beefy cut from the local authorities' tax revenue. Last week a...

Chromecast with Google TV users report Frequent Frame Drops Issue

Chromecast with Google TV seems to be having a hard time. The popular streaming device was hit by two bugs within the last two weeks, and now it got hit by...
Netflix Recover

Netflix Account Hacked – How to get it back

You might have heard several reports of social media and online streaming platform accounts getting hacked. Most recently some of the prolific YouTube content creators have acknowledged their well-maintained accounts getting...

Re:Zero Season 2 Delayed to Summer due to COVID 19

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has toppled all industries from Engineering to Entertainment, including the Anime industry, which is struggling to handle the situation. The most popular Netflix Anime Re:Zero...
netflix to chromecast

How to cast Netflix on Chromecast?

Netflix and Chromecast are among the best-disruptive services that enrich our entertainment world by offering cutting edge content via wireless interfaces. Both these services have opened different spheres of innovation by...

Netflix Starts Cracking Down After Becoming Global

Earlier this month Netflix is available in 130 countries. The main reason is to prevent and stops the users from using proxies and unblockers to access more content. But as all...

Netflix Blocks the VPN users to Stop Piracy

Netflix is the excellent service which provides the great content to stream form anykind of streaming device. Due to licensing issues, the service can be accessed from only a handful of countries...



How to cast Zoom meetings to Chromecast

Video conferencing through multiple devices at home has become a mandatory requisite these days when people are sitting inside their homes to protect themselves...