VidCast Streams Any Web Video To Your Chromecast


To watch a video from Youtube on your TV sets through Chromecast Google Chrome makes it very simple but when we want to watch a video from the other website it becomes a little tricky. But now VidCast adds a bookmarklet to Chrome that lets you cast videos from the current browser window.

vidcast streams any web video to your chromecast

Google’s $35 Chromecast already supports a many of services such as Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, Songza and HBO Go, but there are still tons of other video services on the web for these video services VidCast is a very good option for casting videos onto the TVs.

VidCast does this without installing any extensions beyond the normal Google Cast extension. After you find a web page with a video, click the VidCast bookmarklet and press play. They’ll show a brief ad for on your Chromecast while the video loads. Go and try this bookmarklet on chrome from the source below.


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