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What is Google Blob Opera

Ever wondered about the crazy things we could do with machine learning. A random guy named David Li has been using machine learning to do just that. It seems he did what he did in collaboration with Google Arts and Culture, the best place to do such crazy stuff. But what exactly is this new madness named Blob Opera. Well, it’s a means for you to showcase your Opera skills to the world. Yes, you can finally prove to your music teacher that you’re worthy.

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Google might’ve named it Blob Opera with some inspiration from the four Blobs that appear as the artists. The Blobs use the ultimate musical instrument, the human voice. The voice of 4 Opera artists, to be exact. Christian Joel as Tenor, Frederick Tong as Bass, Joanna Gamble as Mezzo‑soprano, and Olivia Doutney as Soprano.

But what exactly is Blob Opera

Technically speaking, Google made these artists record over 16 hours of singing to train what they call a Convolutional Neural Network. However, you won’t be hearing their voices. Instead, you’ll enjoy whatever the machine learning model interpreted as Opera singing. Apart from all those technical blunders, you can experience this new “thing” as you would any online game.

How do we use Blob Opera?

The user (or the artist) only has to drag these Blobs in different directions to create their masterpiece. The Blobs are performers in what Google calls The Blobpera House. However, you do have the option to take them on a virtual tour. You can enjoy the music of landmarks including London, New York, Mexico City, Seoul, Cape Town, and Paris.

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Even though our Blobs can perform well on any web browser, Google recommends desktop browsers over mobile ones. Also, make sure that your browser is up to date and supports modern fancy audio standards.

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