YouTube surveying about issues with Premium subscription


Following the feedback for YouTube Music, and Smart TV experience, the Search giant is now surveying about the issues with YouTube Premium Subscription. The aim of such surveys via Twitter Poll is not yet found, but we expect the addition of some new features and strengthening already present features. It could be a general exercise to check the overall working of YouTube Premium Service.

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The poll on Twitter informs mentions “What issues do you experience the most?”. There are several options given, and the users can choose from “download errors”, “still seeing ads,” bad recommendations,” and “limited plan options”.

The issue with still seeing ads got into public attention in 2020 and then in 2022 when the Premium users were getting advertisements.

YouTube Premium Service offers no ads functionality, the ability to play in the background, and offline downloads. Recently, the support for premium 1080p streaming and co-watching via Google Meet is added to the bokeh.

We expect Google to ask about issues with their products and services via such polls more frequently.


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