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YouTube TV Adds 500K New Subscribers in Q3 2024

YouTube TV has become the favorite streaming service for watching live TV channels in the United States. The increasing features and absence of competition in the segment have led YouTube TV to garner 500K users in Q3 2024. The total subscriber base for YouTube TV has reached 6.5 million subscribers in the last quarter.

youtube tv adds 500k new subscribers in q3 2024

Such growth has made YouTube TV the fastest-growing and largest service across the United States. The data from the Leictman Research Group reveals that after YouTube TV, there is Hulu TV, which stands at 4.6 million subscribers; Sling TV is around 2.1 million; and Fubo sits at around 1.5 million. Speaking of the facts, Sling TV registered the slowest growth, while Fubo garnered 310,000 subscribers.

However, the Cord Cutter services are affecting traditional cable services as they are continuously registering a decline in subscribers. The subscribers for Cable TV dropped to 985,000 in Q3, while the Pay TV services lost around 780,000 in the quarter.

Overall, the new services offer plenty of new services and features that let users binge-watch at any time and on any device. The cross-compatibility of the device appears to be a major feature among the new digital streaming services.


Simranpal Singh
Simranpal Singh
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