Google has come up with its new Chromebook with “Tegra132” 64-bit Denver NVIDIA Tegra SoC. The latest hardware platform / chip being supported by mainline Coreboot is “Tegra132”, the NVIDIA Tegra codename for the 64-bit Denver Tegra K1 design. That initial ARMv8 Tegra K1 SoC support landed overnight by Google’s Furquan Shaikh.
corebootThere’s been a few 64-bit Tegra Chromebooks shown off by Google partners including Acer and HP. However, which Chromebook correlates to the “Rush” codename I haven’t been able to figure out at this point. If you’ve seen any other references to Rush in the Chromebook/Chrome OS realm, let me know by commenting on this article. It’s great anyhow to see Google continue to be committed to Coreboot for x86 and ARM Chrome devices.