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How to Activate ESPN on All Devices

ESPN is the most happening content platform when it comes to enjoying sports of any sort. In this guide, let us check out how to activate ESPN on all devices. This means depending upon whichever streaming device that you use. It may be a Chromecast, Roku device, Apple TV, smart TV, or even a Firestick.

how to cast espn

Apart from the live sports coverage, you can enjoy a ton of original shows hosted by ESPN along with documentaries. Knowing how to activate ESPN on all devices, you can consume content from ESPN.com. There is an activation code that you have to use to kickstart streaming ESPN on your devices.

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Activate ESPN on All Devices

Before beginning to know the steps of activating ESPN on your live video streaming gadget, you need to know a few prerequisites for activation.


  • You have to complete your activation by visiting the official website of ESPN at espn.com/activate.
  • As a viewer, you have to contact the support team of your streaming service provider.
  • Tell them to initiate the process of activating ESPN for your respective device.
  • You will have the discretion to choose which shows you wish to watch. Convey the same to your service provider.
  • On-demand content is available only when you have completed the activation on ESPN.

Steps to Activate ESPN

Let me take you through steps that are quite easy to execute.

  1. Start by connecting the respective streaming device to your TV.
  2. Launch the streaming app.
  3. On the home screen of the streaming app, you should see the App Store.
  4. Using the App store download all channel apps.
  5. Through the channel’s store, search for ESPN.
  6. In the search result when ESPN shows up, click on it.
  7. To integrate ESPN into your streaming device, click on Install.
  8. Once the installation finishes, launch the ESPN app.
  9. Note down the activation for ESPN showing on the screen.
  10. On your PC browser, go to espn.com/activate.
  11. Enter the activation code.
    activate code to enable espn on all devices
  12. Log in to your account and follow the instructions on the screen to finish the ESPN activation.

Now, with the activation completed, you can access your favorite content from ESPN and ESPN Plus.

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If you are a sports enthusiast and streaming all the league matches or highlights is a must for you, then ESPN is your go-to platform. Now you know how to activate ESPN on all devices that you use for streaming. I hope you enjoy your game.

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Swayam Prakash
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