How to cast live video from Nest Cam on Chromecast with Google TV


Google officially announced that Chromecast with Google TV will now support live videos from the Nest cameras. You can follow the steps below to cast live video from Nest Cam on Chromecast with Google TV. So now, users don’t have to depend on third-party smart displays to stream these cameras live. The feature is made available for Chromecast with Google TV, regular Chromecast might not support the feature yet.

According to the announcement, the feature will support all the latest generations and the first-generation Nest cameras. Users can access their indoor/outdoor Nest cameras and the Nest doorbell from their Chromecast with Google TV. They can also use Google Assistant speakers such as Nest mini. The new Nest Cam with floodlight, Nest Doorbell, Nest Cam(wired), and Nest Cam(battery) are some of the new Nest devices which will support this feature.

cast live video from nest cam on chromecast

Steps to cast live video from Nest Camera

Users can use the feature using the Google TV remote or Google Assistant smart speaker. Chromecast with Google TV will automatically sync Nest cameras to the Chromecast. So, you can watch who is on the door or video from any other Nest cam using the Google Assistant on your Chromecast. Here is how you can do it.

  1. Switch on Your Chromecast with Google TV.
  2. Hold the Google Assistant button on your Google TV remote.
  3. Give the command to show videos from Nest cameras.

This will show you videos from your Nest cameras and Nest doorbell. You can also use the Google Assistant speaker by giving the command to show the cameras on TV. Be specific with the camera you want to see videos from, for example, “show me the front door camera”. The audio from the camera is audible enough, however, users cannot communicate through the Chromecast.

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Surprisingly, this feature was made available on the Amazon Fire TV and supported Alexa devices earlier than Google. Users can also use Alexa to interact with the person at the front door. The feature is introduced to make the Google ecosystem more connected and efficient. We might see many new features regarding the Google ecosystem in the future.


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