Dyson Appliances gets Google Assistant support


Dyson is a leading home appliances manufacturer. Their main products are vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, bladeless fans and more. Dyson products are considered the best on the market by many. Their air purifiers and robot vacuums support Alexa and Siri, which enabled the users to control these devices using their voice. And now Dyson Appliances gets Google Assistant support, which could be a nice thing for Google Home users.
dyson appliances gets google assistant support

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As said earlier, the users can now control their appliance using the Google Assistant. The user should first link their Dyson account with the Google Home app. After which, the user will be able to control their air purifier using simple voice commands. They can say for example “Turn off the air purifier” or “Set the fan speed to 5”.
The users also have the option to control the device via the Google Home app. They can also use the Assistant-powered Smart Displays, such as the Nest Hub. Unfortunately, the Google Home app currently only supports powering air purifiers on or off, as you can see from the screenshot below. We believe that the app will be updated to offer similar controls as the Hub.

dyson google assistant screenshot


As of now, the following Dyson Pure products support the Google Assistant.

  • Cool purifying fan (with smart connectivity)
  • Cool Link” purifying fan
  • Hot+Cool Link” purifying fan heater
  • Cool purifying fan
  • Hot Cool purifying fan heater
  • Humidify + Cool purifying humidifying fan
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Also, two Dyson robot vacuums now have support for the Google Assistant. The 360 Eye and the 360 Heurist.

“Dyson Appliances gets Google Assistant support” is always something nice to hear. Dyson products are filling in more and more homes and, these devices to be able to support the voice assistant from the largest tech giant shows a bright future ahead for both the companies.


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