Google Assistant Will No Longer Work on Samsung TVs


Amid the Google policy change, Google Assistant is going to bid adieu to Samsung Smart TVs. The Google Assistant will now not work on the existing Samsung Smart TV as of March 1. It won’t be an option to control your smart TV, and the users have to resist SmartThings, Bixby, and Amazon Alexa.

google assistant will no longer work on samsung tvs

Affected users are encouraged to consider SmartThings, turning their smartphones into remote controls, along with options like Bixby and Amazon Alexa as substitutes for Google Assistant.

While Samsung TV attributes the removal to a Google policy change, Google Assistant continues to be compatible with other TV brands. LG, for example, introduced Google Assistant on its webOS models in 2018, and there are no indications of its departure. In fact, LG and Google have recently strengthened their partnership, introducing Chromecast support on LG TVs.

Samsung updated its support documents on the official Samsung website. The Google Assistant is pulled from other options on the support page.

Samsung and Google Assistant started a partnership in 2018 for services across the fleet of its smart TVs. Apart from citing it as a change in Google policy, Samsung failed to elaborate on the specific point that led to the discontinuation of Google Assistant.

However, Google is changing its Google Assistant service in March this year. The search giant is going to integrate its Bard AI model into the Assistant. In other words, we can say Bard is replacing Google Assistant, which means users would get Bard when they prompt “Hey Google”. It will be an upgrade and will be part of other Google services too.

The users would be delighted to enjoy the new Bard generative AI features via Gmail, Google Docs, and other services.

Except for Samsung, the Google Assistant will work on LG and other compatible smart TVs from other brands.



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