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Now get Google Fit and FitBit Stats from Google Assistant

Google Fit is the health-tracking app that obtains data from smartwatches. It helps the user monitor his daily movements such as exercise and steps. This helps them to follow a healthy lifestyle. Now you can directly command Google Assistant to know the statistics of Google Fit.

Regardless of whether you use Google Fit on Android OS, iOS, or Nest Hub you can obtain the fitness activity details. Even Fitbit smartwatch users can get their details through one voice command to the Google Assistant. Google has already started to roll out the new feature update to various operating systems. In the coming weeks, all users over the globe should have this feature on their devices.

How to Connect FitBit and Google Fit to Google Assistant?

  • Open the Google Assistant app.
  • On the top-right corner tap on the connected Gmail account avatar.
  • Then from the menu select Settings.
    google assistant settings
  • Now, navigate to Wellness and tap on it.
    google assistant wellness settings
  • Under What Would You Like to Manage tap on Activity.
    sync activity
  • Then on the next page, under the Connected Services tab, tap on Connect if you wish to connect to Google Fit or Fitbit.
    connect google fit with google assistant

It is ideal to connect anyone service to avoid information clutter.

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Google Assistant Commands to Obtain Fitness Activity Details

Here are the various voice commands that you can issue to Google Assistant to track your daily fitness goals.

Start with Hey Google and then ask

  • What’s my heart rate today?
  • How many calories did I burn this week?

Whatever fitness parameters are there in Google Fit you can ask Assistant about them. You can obtain fitness detail for the day, week, or month. Google Assistant will display cards mentioning the corresponding fitness data. The fitness card will also specify that the information has been obtained from Google Fit or Fitbit.

The virtual assistant will display the fitness info as per the latest sync between your smartwatch and the Fitness tracking app. As per some reports, currently, the fitness data from Google Assistant is not showing on the Smart Displays. Maybe with future updates, they will show the fitness tracking info.

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Swayam Prakash
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