Google Home 3.1 update starts rolling with new UI and light controls


As announced a the Google IO 2023 conference, the Google Home app is finally receiving the much-awaited update with the new User Interface and whole new light controls. Google Hoem 3.1 offers a lot of enhancements and improvements over the previous version which enables easy accessibility of certain features.

google home 3.1 update

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What’s New in Google Home 3.1 Update?

The new Google Home app segregates different things into respective tabs – Favourites, Devices, Automation, Activity, and Settings – for better usability, and the same are now placed in containers with rounded corners. These can be found on top of the viewport featuring different colors, specifically on the tablets.

The navigation bar on the top toggles colors when using different backgrounds. It is quite exciting to see the dynamicity in the Google Home 3.1 UI via small elements of the interface.

google home 3.1 update screenshot

A new secondary navigation has been added for the Devices tab that lists all the rooms and further shows the devices in each respective room. It is surely a time-savvy enhancement that will surely benefit the users. However, there are some anomalies, but we hope in the next few updates, the view will be fully optimized for large as well as small-sized devices.

Another major change that Google Home 3.1 brings is the addition of new lighting controllers. The brightness arc is replaced with a pill-shaped slider, and six tiles with different color options. Upon clicking the tile, you will see additional settings to choose a color from the color plate and the ability to adjust its temperature.

Slight changes are also present on the controller page of devices. The font and placement of the device name have been changed and are now reduced to fit the top right side rather than center aligned. The track name is now placed below the controller module instead of on the top.

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The update is now rolling out to all devices via the Play Store. So, make sure to grab it and enjoy the new look, which is specially designed for tablets.


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