Google TV Kids profile gets Parental Recommendations and watchlists in Latest Update


Google has rolled out three new features for Google TV Kids profiles. According to product management, these features will help organize contents that are watchable by everyone in a family. Parents can set which contents the kids should watch and which they can watch as well.

google tv kids profile new features

One of the new features is Google’s content recommendation. On the kid’s profile home screen popular movies and TV shows will be recommended. Young ones often do not have an idea regarding what content to watch. They usually go for the ones they know or which their parents set for them to watch.

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To make the choices narrower there is a “hide button” provided along with the recommendations. If the young viewers are not interested in a particular recommendation, then they can hide it. Pressing the Select button on the remote and choosing the Hide option will do the job.

New features are now rolling out for watching YouTube with a kids’ profile. The kids who are a bit older and want to delve into regular YouTube and grow out of YouTube Kids, new content settings are available for them. There is also a provision for blocking unnecessary channels. The older kids can watch YouTube with their usual Google TV Kids profile.

new youtube kids features

Parental Recommendation of Content for Kids

Also, now parents can set a watchlist of content that their kids can view. It includes “must-watch” content that is suitable to watch for both adults and kids. To recommend the watchlist to your kid’s profile, select the movie/show, followed by clicking the watchlist button. Select the kid’s profile to recommend. That’s it.

recommend watchlist to kids profile google tv

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Next time when your kids are watching their content, on their profile home screen the watchlist recommended by you will be presented. This is a smart move from Google to maximize its product usage.  It will increase content consumption while efficiently managing the content quality for younger audiences.



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