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Google Voice search (OK Google) Comes to Chromebooks

Over the Last year Google has introduces its voice search OK Google to all its devices from Chrome browser to android wear and now it is the turn of Chromebooks. Now Google introduces the Voice commands to Chrome OS also which makes Chromebooks active all the time.


This feature is already available on many Google Android phones: Above Android 4.1 fully supports it, for example. Adding it to a Chromebook in the same fashion is new though. And because it’s experimental, your Chromebook must be running on the Chrome OS Dev Channel. Even if it is, the function has to be manually enabled. You would need to enable this Chrome Flag: chrome://flags/#enable-hotword-hardware.


Once you done with the above code notification will signal that you can voice search at any time. Before you can give Voice commands you has to Go through the Google’s gude for voice commands

Sukhraj Singh
Sukhraj Singh
I Live in Chandigarh, India. Having a Great interest in gadgets and writes on my blog about updates on gadgets. Now I'm working with GoAndroid and The Gadget Square. I also love to listening Music.



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