New Google Streaming device arrives on FCC with model number G3AL9


A new Google streaming device is listed on the FCC bearing the model number G3AL9. The listing confirms it is a wireless streaming device that features a power supply of 3.65 Vdc from a Rechargeable Li-polymer battery or can be used with a 5V AC/DC adapter. It could is some new Chromecast or Nest device.

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Considering the Power Input, the device appears to be a new Nest Cam. The support for rechargeable 3.65VDc or 5V AC/DC further confirms it to be the Nest Cam as such type of devices offers support for both. However, the device supports dual-band WiFi. It is quite early to comment more on its ability. We expect some more information to unveil before the device launches officially.

Earlier this year, a new Nest Hub device was spotted on FCC detailing some features. But, the device is not officially out yet, and we expect the same for the new device with model number G3AL9. The listing was approved on December 08, 2020, and the confidentiality period is ending in September this year.

However, there’s hardly any other information about the new device present in the FCC listing.

The new device could launch in the second half of 2021.

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