Play anything On your TV from Desktop via Chromecast


PlayOn is software for your Desktop(PC). You can download it to your computer and it interacts with a streaming device like as Chromecast to play content on your TV. On devices which support the functionality, PlayOn appears as a channel or app which organizes content from dozens of websites, centralizing videos, TV episodes, and movies in one place. It brings together free content from TV network websites, and also from subscription sites like Netflix and Hulu Plus.

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playon chroemcast

How to cast through PlayOn

  1. Once you have installed the latest version of PlayOn than open up PlayOn Settings and click on the Browsers tab. Select the browser you wish to use for PlayMark and hit Apply. You will need to close the browser you want to add the PlayOn extension to in order for PlayOn to do the magic and install in your browsers. gfx-pc-enable-3.7.999-long
  2. Once you’re on the web page with the video you wish to mark, just click on the PlayOn icon which should be at the top of your browser to launch it. Optionally, you could right-click on the web page (but not on the video itself!) to access the browser context menu which will have an option for “PlayOn”. Select it to launch PlayOn in your browser.If neither of these methods work, double check that you have installed PlayOn for the browser you’re using. playon chromecast
  3.  Now you can cast directly to your TV. Just make sure your device is on and click on the “Save & send to TV” button and it will immediately start playing on your TV! If not, just click on the “Save” button and you can find it in the PlayMark channel in PlayOn.gfx-watchtv


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