YouTube TV delays rolling out “1080p Enhanced” option for better streaming


YouTube TV recently rolling out a higher-quality video option named 1080p Enhanced. The new video quality option is made for Primetime Channel subscribers. The new 1080p Enhanced version is basically an improved version of 1080p 60fps. However, there are some bug reports from many users. So YouTube TV slightly delayed due to the bug.

youtube tv new standalone plan

The 1080p Enhanced option comes to many users, but after some time, a bug appears in which the new video quality option is temporarily hidden. YouTube officially acknowledged the bug on reddit. But there is no information about exactly when it might come back.

We’re excited to have higher bitrate 1080p available for YouTube TV and YouTube PrimeTime Channels live streams. We identified a bug that prevents users from manually selecting this option in their settings, and our teams are working to address the issue.

Any YouTube TV and Primetime channel subscribers with 4K-compatible streaming device will get this new 1080p Enhanced Video Quality option.  For more information about the 1080p Enhanced Quality option, stay tuned. We will update this article when the rollout starts again.

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