Google Home Mini Bricked for some users after the Latest Update


The new firmware update for Google Home mini bricking devices for some users. After the update on Home Mini all the four lights are turned on constantly. But its not working and even if you try to reset you Home Mini device, its also not working.

google home mini bricked for some users after the latest update

Many users have reported bricking of their devices on reddit and Google’s official forum for Google Nest devices. Some of the Google Home users which was launched in 2016 also reported the same issue after the update. However, Google has acknowledged the issue still there’s not any update users are still complaining about there devices are bricked.

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The community manager form Google posted the below message on forum.

If you’re observing similar behavior on your speaker, follow these steps to file a feedback report with our team. Please make sure that “Send device usage data and crash reports to Google” is turned on before you submit the report.

We’d also appreciate if you shared the following in info in the comments so that we can pass it onto our team:

  • Are lights solid or strobing?
  • Are lights stuck on before a reboot is completed? Or do they turn on after boot and stay on?
  • Can you cast music to the speaker from a mobile app?
  • Videos or photos of the behavior are also appreciated!

Please keep an eye on this thread for future updates. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!

home mini bricking

Google Home Mini was launched in 2017 with Chromecast and Chromecast Audio built-in and 360-degree sound with 40mm driver. Later the Second generation was launched as Google Nest Mini in 2019 with upgraded hardware.

Coming back to the Home mini bricking issue, Its causing problems to the large bunch of Google Home mini users if not all. Stay tuned Google may soon bring some solution to the issue.

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