Google Meet extends 24 hours of free video calls till June


Google Meet is giving 24 hours of free video calls to personal Gmail account users till June 30, 2021. Earlier, Google was going to limit the video call limit to 60 minutes and the deadline was to end on March 31, 2021. This deadline was set when Google noticed that 60 minutes video call restrictions were to end in September 2020.

google meet extends 24 hours of free video calls till june

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Google is working in favor of those who have their personal Gmail accounts only. The users can continue a video call for up to 24 hours till June 2021. Google on its WorkSpace account wrote, “We’re continuing unlimited #GoogleMeet calls (up to 24 hours) in the free version through June 2021 for Gmail accounts.”

Google is constantly adding new features to Meet since its launch in India last year. Features like noise cancellation, the ability to add up to 250 participants, background blur, et cetera are included in the app. The company also came up with many developments and new features for students and teachers. The teachers have the ability to mute all students while in a meeting, end the meeting for all, et cetera. The host can share the link with the individuals they want as participants in their meeting to avoid unwanted traffic.

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Even in the times of this deadly pandemic, Google is consistently making its platforms easier for its users. We expect more such updates and information from Google in the future.


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