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How to add hyperlinks to text in Google Chat

Google Chat is a popular messaging app launched in 2017. In 2017 it was launched only for Google Workspace customers and in November 2022 it was launched for all users. It...
Google Meet auto transcription

Google Meet Auto Transcriptions to Roll Out for Workspace Users

Google Meet's useful tool for auto transcription will be now available to the enterprise, business, and Workspace for Education users. Officially, the rollout will begin widely from the 24th of October....
Google Meet blur background update

Latest Google Meet Update Improves Video Call Background

Google Meet is the popular and official video calling app from Google which keeps updating from time to time. The latest update to Google Meet improves the background in the video...
Google Meet

Google Meet brings Picture-in-Picture mode for web browser

Picture-in-Picture is one of the most useful features to increase the efficiency while using a video calling service or something else without compromising the other ongoing task. The feature was available...
Google Workspace Updates Weekly Recap - December 17, 2021

Google Workspace Updates this Week Dec 17, 2021

Google being one of the largest tech companies globally, gives us a weekly recap for the updates to their services. It will be an overview of the features that are either...
Google Meet will notify users of Echo

Google Meet will notify users of Echo

An echo is one of the most irritating glitches in a meeting. Communication platforms like Google Meet and Zoom are doing their best to get rid of echo. Still, a user...
Google Meet on Chromebooks

Google Meet will be Pre-Installed on Chromebooks

Chromebooks are now getting famous due to their lower prices and better performance compared to Windows running laptops of the same price. Also, it is better than tablets since they are...
Google rolls out Google Meet Web App

Google rolls out Google Meet Web App

There is no denying that Google Meet is an excellent communication service. The service is easy to set up and use. But over the years, many have requested a web app...
Google Meet Change Background

Change Background on Google Meet for iOS now

Google adds the ability to change the background in Google Meet while calling in last year. But at that time the feature is only available limited platforms. Now Google includes the...
Google Meet Ends Unlimited Group Video Calls

Google Meet Ends Unlimited Group Video Calls

Google Meet is a video calling service that has been well received by its users. The free services offered by Google Meet might be the influential factor behind that. One such...
Google Meet Adds New Masks ans Filters

Google Meet Adds New Masks and Filters

Google Meet is one of the most used communication services since its launch in March 2017. Four years to its launch, the service is still in a race with the ever-growing...



How to cast Zoom meetings to Chromecast

Video conferencing through multiple devices at home has become a mandatory requisite these days when people are sitting inside their homes to protect themselves...