Google TV update brings performance boost, frees up storage with app hibernation


Google TV, the smart TV platform on devices like Chromecast with Google TV and some TV sets, has received a new update. The update brings several improvements to the performance and storage of your device, as well as a new feature called App Hibernation that can help you manage your apps more efficiently.

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Google TV update brings new features and enhancements

The most interesting feature of the new update is app hibernation, which helps users free up valuable storage space without uninstalling the apps they don’t use frequently. App hibernation automatically forces apps to hibernate when they haven’t been used in the last 30 days. App hibernation works by force-stopping the app and clearing any temporary files stored. However, it does not delete any user data or settings, so users can quickly wake up an app from hibernation and use it right away.

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The update also reduces the app size by using Android App Bundles, a new format that Google made mandatory for developers starting in May 2023. Android App Bundles reduce the app size by roughly 25%, which means more space for users to install other apps and games on their Google TV devices.

Another improvement in the update is the performance optimization for both the device and remote. Google says that they have reduced the time it takes to wake up the device, the response time between the TV and button clicks on the remote, and the time users see the loading animation when rebooting the device. These updates eliminate wait time and make the app more responsive and smooth.

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The new update for Google TV is a welcome improvement that enhances the user experience and solves some of the users’ common problems. Google has made the platform more efficient, fast, and convenient by boosting performance, reducing app size, and introducing the app hibernation feature. If you have a Google TV device, you should receive the update soon and enjoy its benefits. You can check for the update by going to Settings > System > About > System update.


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